Self Sense Development & Training is a self reflective experiential training body set up by Gill Harvey and Jean Staff.   We offer training workshops in Suffolk to people wanting to understand more about themselves, have an interest in counselling or who are training to be counsellors.


Understanding and Raising Self-esteem

A short course for women

This course will be held over three Saturday mornings in May and June 2019

11th and 18th of May and 8th of June from 10am to 1pm

Course Fee £120 (there are a number of early booking tickets for £105

Increased self-esteem leads to improvements in all aspects of life, relationships, careers, health etc. Most importantly, a positive level of self esteem changes the experience of daily life from one dominated by insecurity, anxiety and stagnation to one of confidence, safety and growth.

This three week course using a variety of counselling theories and techniques will focus on improving self awareness, building assertiveness, examining unhelpful core beliefs and much more. Much of this course will include experiential learning.

To get the full benefit of this course attendees will need to be able to commit to attending all 3 sessions.


Previously held workshops:

Subpersonalities and Integration - a half day workshop aimed at helping people to become aware of the many different parts of themselves.

 Why Do I Keep Doing This? - Have you ever asked yourself why does this always happen to me or why do I keep getting into the same sort of destructive relationships?   This half day workshop will help you answer some of the above questions by teaching some of the key concepts of Transactional Analysis. By learning about these and applying these to your own life story you will gain insight and understanding into your actions and behaviours. 



Approaching this material with only a brief experience of TA (Transactional Analysis), this helped me expand on my basic knowledge and provided more in depth theory at an appropriate level of study. The content helped more explore certain aspects of self awareness too.
It ticked all the boxes, I am very contented leaving this workshop, (Money) very well spent, Thank you very much.